About me

Denis Kallaert, Founder & CEO D-risK Solutions


Multilingual (French/Dutch/English/German) specialist in the [re]insurance industry, born in Belgium.

After having obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting in 1993, I moved to Luxembourg to administrate, from an accounting perspective, reinsurance captives at Sogécore.

From 1996 until 2018 (22 years), I have been working for Aon captive management unit in Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.

Since 2011 residing in Liechtenstein, where I founded at the end of 2018 my own company under the brand D-risK Solutions.


Residing in Luxembourg, as a captive account manager of an international clients portfolio.


Residing in Switzerland as a senior account manager and thereafter as an operations manager, standardising the processes, developing marketing activities, managing captive management teams while nurturing reinsurance captive clients.


Residing in Liechtenstein as of 2010 as the executive director, i.e. managing director responsible for the local entity, being responsible for the captive management operations encompassing the day-to-day management of captives (technical accounting, insurance-related activities, regulatory reporting, audit and client meetings) as well as the cross-selling activities, team management, budgets and other wider client-related activities.


Executive director of the combined captive and insurance management units in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, while keeping the role of captive manager for key accounts.

While being employed by Aon in Switzerland & Liechtenstein, I was mandated by several [re]insurance clients to take over the role of Licensed General Manager or Risk and Compliance Officer as required by the Insurance Supervisory Bodies in both Switzerland (FINMA) and Liechtenstein (FMA).


Founder and CEO of D-risK Solutions in Liechtenstein.

Crescendo, over the last 24 years, I have been able to build up strong skills in an always international environment with a pragmatic hands-on approach in general office management, corporate governance, insurance and reinsurance concepts, Solvency II / Swiss Solvency Test, Swiss/Liechtenstein GAAP & IFRS accounting – reporting, risk management compliance and regulatory, languages and IT.